Europlanet Science Congress 2021
Virtual meeting
13 – 24 September 2021
Europlanet Science Congress 2021
Virtual meeting
13 September – 24 September 2021

Prizes at EPSC2021

The Europlanet Society awards a number of prizes at its annual meeting, the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC). Prize awards and lectures at EPSC2021 include:

Farinella Prize Lectures: Monday, 20 September, 16:15–17:00 (CEST)

The Paolo Farinella Prize is awarded annually at the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC). The Paolo Farinella prize was established to honour the memory and the outstanding figure of Paolo Farinella (1953–2000). The winner of the prize is selected each year on the basis of their overall research results in a chosen field, among candidates with international and interdisciplinary collaborations, not older than 47 years, the age of Farinella when he passed away on 25 March 2000.

Prof Diana Valencia, a physicist working at the Department of Physical Sciences and of the University of Toronto, and Prof Lena Noack, a planetary scientist working at Department of Earth Sciences at Freie Universität Berlin, have been awarded jointly the 2021 Paolo Farinella Prize, for their significant contributions in our understanding of the interior structure and dynamics of terrestrial and super-Earth exoplanets.

Other Prize Lectures: Friday, 24 September, 14:20–14:50 (CEST)

Other prizes will be presented during this special session at EPSC, including:

  • The Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement 2021
  • The Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement 2021 is awarded to Dr James O’Donoghue (JAXA) for his high-quality animated visualisations of planetary topics and social media engagement. James will be available for a live Q&A during this session.
  • The EPEC-EPSC #PlanetaryScience4All Contest

Closing Ceremony: Friday, 24 September, 16:15–17:00 (CEST)

Virtual Outstanding Student Poster Award