Europlanet Science Congress 2021
Virtual meeting
13 – 24 September 2021
Europlanet Science Congress 2021
Virtual meeting
13 September – 24 September 2021

Thank you to all participants

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The virtual Europlanet Science Congress 2021 was attended by 795 participants from 47 countries.

We thank all of you very much for your attendance and your active contribution to this great event and would be pleased to welcome you back at the EPSC2022 in Granada, Spain, from 18 to 23 September 2022.

Country statistics

France 109 Norway 3
United Kingdom of Great Britain – England, Scotland, Wales 100 Denmark 2
Italy 98 Ireland 2
United States of America 83 Republic of Korea 2
Germany 76 Nigeria 2
Spain 58 Puerto Rico 2
Netherlands 40 Slovakia 2
Switzerland 33 Argentina 1
Belgium 31 Botswana 1
Finland 19 Estonia 1
Japan 13 Ethiopia 1
Poland 13 Iceland 1
Portugal 13 Macao 1
Austria 11 Morocco 1
Australia 8 North Macedonia 1
Canada 8 Serbia 1
Hungary 7 South Africa 1
India 7 Taiwan 1
Sweden 7 Turkey 1
Czechia 6 Uganda 1
Russian Federation 6 Ukraine 1
China 5 United Arab Emirates 1
Brazil 4 United Kingdom of Great Britain – Northern Ireland 1
Romania 4 Uruguay 1
Greece 3 Zambia 1
No. of participants 795

Aims & scope

The intention of the Europlanet Science Congress 2021 is to cover a broad area of science topics related to planetary science and planetary missions. The programme of the congress will contain oral and poster sessions, as well as workshops and panel discussions and provide with ample opportunities for interaction between the participants.

The Scientific Organizing Committee of the EPSC2021 invites all planetary scientists to participate in the congress, submit contributions to the topical sessions and share their research with their colleagues.

EPSC2021 is the second EPSC to be held as a virtual meeting. We believe that virtual meetings are likely to play an increasingly important role in supporting our community, widening participation from under-represented groups and at the same time addressing the global challenge of climate change. Building on the success and learning lessons from our first virtual meeting in 2020, EPSC2021 will have a hybrid format of live sessions and asynchronous scientific presentations. The ethos for EPSC2021 is to create a simple, flexible, and inclusive virtual meeting that provides multiple opportunities for interaction, scientific discussion, and networking.

About the Europlanet Science Congress

The Europlanet Science Congress (formerly the European Planetary Science Congress) is the annual meeting place of the Europlanet Society. With a track record of 15 years and regularly attracting around 1000 participants, the Europlanet Science Congress is the largest planetary science meeting in Europe. It covers the entire range of planetary sciences with an extensive mix of talks, workshops and poster sessions while providing a unique space for networking and exchange of experiences.